Friday, September 3, 2010

Portable Magic: Tarot Is the Only Tool You Need

In this book, Donald Tyson provides both a nice way to practice with the Astral plane and an excellent way to conduct elaborate magical ceremonies based on the Golden Dawn system of correspondences (including the Tree of Life, the elements, the astrological signs, and the classical planets) without any magical tools besides a tarot deck.  While other books on tarot magic (such as Donald Michael Kraig's) focus on the contemplation of individual cards or small sets of them, the tarot deck is used herein to create an elaborate Astral temple layout, including an altar made of the four aces, and a magic circle enclosing it consisting of the Major Arcana of the Zodiac.  Learn to create an astral space and to identify with your significator (who represents you in the temple), to manifest desires using cards from the Minor Arcana, to use harmonious planetary modifiers in your magic, to enact complex desires, and to conjure elemental spirits; all using just your favorite tarot deck.

Written such that a beginner can understand easily, but worth reading even with experience.  You may or may not like Tyson's modified set of correspondences, but fortunately he only uses them in the Appendix.

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