Friday, September 3, 2010

Psionic Psupervillain

I had good, nasty fun writing this one.  It teaches you not only how to be a psychic outlaw but also how to act like one as well and get away with it!  Never forget, the bad guy gets all the good lines, gets to tie up the pretty girls and gets the comfy chair which at my age is the most important of the three. It’s been slightly re-edited to make it more readable and compact for folks who worry about file size but it still has all the delightfully nasty things that make being the bad guy fun.....Auther

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The Psionic Magician’s Gadget Pattern Book

Think that psionic devices need to be complicated and expensive?  This book disproves that.  It is a collection of designs for instruments, working instruments that can be built with cardboard cut-outs and a few other things. No, Uncle Chuckie hasn’t fallen on his head one too many times.  It sounds crazy but it works!
..............By Auther

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