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For the clear understanding of Reichenbach's remarks on 
Somnambulism and Cramp the reader should be familiar
with his Odic-Magnetic Letters, which have heretofore
been translated by me and published in English; but for fear
that those Letters may not be within the reader's reach at the
time when he may wish to take up this book, I submit a brief 
abstract of the main principles set forth in them.

Od (Aura) is a force in nature hitherto unknown. It is akin to
the great natural forces of light, heat, electricity, magnetism, 
chemical affinity, etc. These were formerly called "imponderable
substances;" but that name is now abandoned for the better and 
more correct one of "natural forces."

Od, made of etheric particles, pervades the whole universe, and
radiates out from every particle of matter, but it is equally 
distributed. Wherever there is magnetism, heat, electricity,
friction, motion, chemical action, or putrefaction, od is actively 
developed, or concentrated, and it may be perceived under
favorable circumstances. It is a peculiarity of od, that not
everybody can perceive it. Acute odic perception is comparatively
rare; its possession is called sensitiveness (mediumship), or 
odic sensitiveness, and its possessors are styled sensitives.

The marks of sensitiveness are numerous, but the main ones are 
natural somnambulism, and readiness to fall asleep under mesmeric
influence. These are two infallible signs of high sensitiveness.
Inability to sleep on the left side, dislike of yellow colors, fondness
for blue, dislike of fatty diet, preference for slightly sour
victuals, and discomfort in crowds, are other indications.

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