Thursday, September 16, 2010


THE author desires to bring before his readers some facts
dealing with the latest evidence for the continuity of life beyond
death, verified by himself during many years of psychical
research. To some readers much of the matter will be startlingly
new, and the facts difficult to believe. To others, who will accept
the phenomena without question, because of previous
experience, the theories adduced therefrom may not be wholly
acceptable. The facts so far transcend ordinary experience that
some cannot do otherwise than reject them, until fuller
knowledge prevails upon the whole subject. When first brought
into contact with students of this science the writer himself
treated the statements made by them as unworthy of belief, and
he quite understands the natural skepticism of the man or woman
who is at present entirely ignorant of the subject. The fact of the
startling phenomena, however, both subjective and objective,
does not rest upon mere statement, but upon natural law, and
this may be verified by anyone who feels disposed to prove the
statements by experiment, observation, and study. Many of the
more important facts recorded have been proved by sustained
experiment, by the most eminent men of physical science
throughout the world, whose evidence and testimony have been
carefully tabulated in their published works.

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