Thursday, September 16, 2010

YOGA or TRANSFORMATION by William J. Flagg

If the space devoted to the various religious dogmas concerning 
the nature and destiny of the soul should seem too large in view
of the unsatisfactory outcome, it should be considered that religion
having appropriated and enveloped magic — which is the real 
subject of the book — it had to be dug into and through in order
to get at what it hid as overlying rubbish hides a treasure; and 
such readers as are disposed to patiently assist at the excavation 
will not, I fancy, waste their time; but those who think otherwise
can skip two chapters (elsewhere indicated) without serious breach
in the thread of the main argument. In saying "the unsatisfactory 
outcome", I do not mean that the soul is not worth seeking
for, but only that it is not worth while to seek for it in religion
— nor, in fact, anywhere else — that, our knowing apparatus
being what it is, one who shall have undertaken the quest,
searching for the Egyptian soul, in pyramids and caves where
mummies lie, in regions of the air where hawks fly, and under 
the earth where Osiris holds his feasts — for the Greek soul
in the stars — for the Semite soul in tombs and graves and the
prison of Allat - for the Hindu soul in the land of the fathers and 
land of the gods, through its series of re-births and in the bosom 
of Brahman — for the Mohammedan soul in Alla's hell and his 
prophet's paradise - for the soul of the modern spiritualist in a 
spiritual body and world - for souls undergoing metempsychosis,
in bodies of reptiles and beasts — for the Christian soul in the 
raised-up and restored cadaver — will in the end be
apt to remain contentedly where of old the Taoist sage, and in
modern times the German one have told him he must perforce
abide; namely, on the hither side of the unknowable. But if he do
thorough work, in searching through religion he will have come 
upon magic, in searching for the secret of magic he will have found 
transformation, and in transformation discovered evolution.


I. Modern Spiritualism on the Soul
II. Hindu Souls.
III. Egyptian Souls…
IV. Chaldean Souls
V. Greek and Roman Souls
VI. Neoplatonism on the Soul
VII. Christian Souls
VIII. Relic Worship
IX. Chinese Souls
X. Japanese Souls
XI. The Possibility of a Spiritual World Considered
XII. The Possibility of a Spiritual World Further Considered
XIII. The Possibility of a Spiritual World Further Considered
XIV. The Possibility of a Spiritual World Further Considered
XV. Religion in General
XVI. The Evolution of Social Virtue
XVII. Hindu Yoga…
XVIII. Chinese Yoga…
XIX. Egyptian Yoga
XX. Akkadian Yoga
XXI. Mohammedan Yoga
XXII. Hebrew Yoga.
XXIII. Yoga of the Essenes
XXIV. The Roman Stoics as Yogis.
XXV. Christian Yoga..
XXVI. Yoga in General.
XXVII. Results of Practice and Indications of progress.
XXVIII. Earthly Immortality
XXIX. Yoga as a Process of Evolution.
XXX. Conclusion.

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