Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Astrology, Science and Culture: Pulling down the Moon

Mainstream science has long dismissed astrology as primitive superstition. Yet, from daily horoscopes to personalized star forecasts, astrology still plays a crucial role in organizing many people's everyday lives. There has, however, been no convincing explanation of its appeal. Astrology, Science and Culture finally fills this gap. Willis and Curry tackle astrology's rich history, its problematic relationship to psychology, and its attempts to prove its own validity. They argue that astrology has its roots in the Neolithic culture of Europe and the Middle East but, far from being a relic of years gone by, it still challenges its opponents' unquestioning belief in conventional modern science. Groundbreaking in its reconciliation of astrology's ancient traditions and its modern-day usage, this book impressively unites philosophy, science, anthropology, and history. It is the first exploration of the intimate connection of humankind and the stars from the dawn of pre-history to the present day.

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