Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Experience The Divine by Supreme Master Ching Hai

Through the spoken words, a living Master can bring ancient wisdom to life. To experience   these discourses in person, the seeker is affected on all levels of understanding, beyond   space and time, far beyond any mental concept. These types of Masters, having become   fully conscious of their supreme nature within, offer a perfect mirror of the most noble and   divine qualities within each of us, a reflection of our own potential for self-mastery. As one   comes  into  contact with  this perfect  image, one’s  life begins  to  turn away  from  fear and   self-doubt and to move toward more tolerance and compassion, more hope and joy. Such   is the experience that countless hundreds, thousands, millions of people have had in the   presence  of  Supreme  Master  Ching  Hai.  She  speaks  above  and  beyond  general   philosophy and theology, echoing the Truth, which lies directly in the hearts of all seekers.   This kind of experience is beyond the words alone, but rather an invisible connection all of   us  share with  the  infinite. Through Her words, Her  eyes  and Her  voice,  one  can  obtain   limitless blessing and inspiration. With Her help and the practice of the Quan Yin method   of meditation, one can quickly progress along the path to full enlightenment.

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