Saturday, October 9, 2010

Extrasensory Potential of the Mind by Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

Spiritually enlightened mind is said to be a source of divine potentials. Hidden beneath the core of  the conscious mind, there lie the prodigious powers of the unconscious mind. Activation of the  subtle centers in the brain and the endocrine system helps expression of the miraculous powers of the  inner mind and manifestation of its extrasensory faculties in the gross world. Clairvoyance,  precognition, knowledge of the hidden or the unseen, realization of the distant past or the future as  happening in the present, extrasensory perceptions beyond the barriers of space-time constraints,  are among the much talked of supernatural experiences. These also constitute the major cause of  common curiosity on the one front and the focus of meticulous scientific inquisitiveness on the  other.

The book took shape while I was visiting the Center of Theological  Inquiry, a research institute in Princeton, New Jersey, for the latter part of  2002. The Center provided an ideal base for hard work and new inspiration.  I am most grateful for the kindly hospitality I received there. I learnt much  from colleagues visiting the Center from various parts of the world. I also  received much stimulus from discussions in Princeton University, particularly  at its Center for Human Values, and at the James Madison Program in  American Ideals and Institutions.

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