Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Female Hypnotist by Victoria Wizell Gallagher (12 Sessions)

Victoria is one of the best female hypnotists (the other is Christine Michelle).

Here are 12 excellent sessions from Hyptalk

Amazing Brain Training
Dream Control Techniques Through Hypnosis
Even Deeper Sleep
Grow Taller
Improve Eyesight
Life Success
Stay Healthy and Well
Penis Enlargement with Hypnosis
Erection Enhancer
Hypnotic Orgasm
Ultimate Weight Lost Power Pack
Raise Your Energy

As you may have already discovered, Hyptalk.com is one of the most recognized names in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. Why? We've been around since 1999. We have over 80 incredible hypnosis titles, ranging from Weight loss to Law of Attraction to Sexual Issues. Our programs are available on CD or Mp3. We are also developing Hypnosis DVDs and carry a large selection of Hypnosis scripts. We have a strong reputation for satisfying our customers. We use the highest quality CDs and cases you can find. Our recording technology is the state of the art, clear, crisp vocals and music, perfectly blended for optimum listening pleasure.

Victoria Gallagher has been practicing self-hypnosis since 1986. She has been professionally trained in Hypnotherapy, but not only that, as a trained vocalist and recording artist, she has a voice that is second to none. She takes extreme pride in her creative hypnosis script writing skills, which you will find result in you getting the outcomes you are looking for with these excellent Hypnosis CDs. Victoria has extensive knowledge in personal growth and metaphysical studies and never stops her relentless pursuit to gain more information to bring you the latest discoveries of the subconscious mind.

Audio CD in MP3 | 1.2 GB

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Part  1       |     Part   2      |    Part  3     |      Part  4

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