Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hypnotism is the most practical science  of the age. It enters into our everyday life,  and confers advantages that cannot be  acquired through any other medium. Its  practice is no longer a mere pastime for  amusement and sensation: as professional  practitioners of the highest standing now  recognize its value and seek to profit by its  benefits. Scientists regard it as a natural  power, for ages kept dormant, but apparently  destined to perform an active part in the  welfare and  development of  future generations.

To study  hypnotism is to  fathom the hidden  mysteries of magic  and human miracles  and making them  matters of absolute  knowledge. Its possibilities are almost  boundless and are interwoven with every  phase of human life, and its powers are  largely responsible for the successful  terminations of modem business and social  undertakings.

It does not require years of study to  become a hypnotist, for this great blessing to  mankind is a natural endowment possessed  by practically everyone and capable of being  developed by all who will devote to its study  the patience and energy always so necessary  for the development of natural talents.

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