Saturday, October 30, 2010

Golden Mind by J.S. Epperson

J.S. Epperson's lively harpsichord interpretation of Bach's Goldberg Variations mixed with Hemi-Sync® is ideal for focusing attention, enhancing memory, and achieving states of peak performance. Epperson also incorporates the Golden Mean harmonics, the basis for the principle of information coding by the brain. May also be helpful for ADD/ADHD and other learning challenges. Special thanks to Professor Barbara Bullard for her contributions to Golden Mind. Length: 46 minutes. Other Metamusic® titles by J.S. Epperson are Ascension, Einstein's Dream, Hemi-Sync® in Motion, Higher, Illumination for Peak Performance, Indigo for Quantum Focus, The Lotus Mind, and Remembrance.

Audio CD in FLAC | 261 MB

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