Friday, October 15, 2010

Greek Horoscopes By O. Neugebauer, H. B. Van Hoesen

What we know about Greek astronomy is dominated by Ptolemy s Almagest (written c. 140 A.D.) & closely related works like Theon s Handy Tables (end of 4th C.) but we have only very little info. about the practice of computing the positions of sun, moon, & planets during any period of antiquity. Now, the Greek horoscopes are available for study as a group which could be expected to reflect the current techniques of Greek astronomy. About 60 horoscopes from the first 5 centuries of our era have been published since Young (1828) & Champollion-Figeac (1840) in the papyrological literature, which comprises 18,000 texts. This vol. includes all horoscopes from this widely scattered material & a few unpublished pieces. Illustrations.

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