Saturday, October 2, 2010

Heaven and Hell by Emanuel Swedenborg

If you really want to know what Heaven and Hell are like, sit down and read this. He talks about Heaven like he is visiting a foreign country. It is very matter of fact, very practical and tangible. In regard to spiritual truth, it's as rich as cheesecake. Angels and devils are seen simply as people who have passed on to the other side and chosen Heaven or Hell. Hell is not seen as a place of punishment, but one chosen by those who love evil. Similarly, Heaven is chosen by those who have loved goodness. It's very simple and profound. He speaks of marriage as an eternal union of true love. In fact, everyone in Heaven is supposedly married. Heaven is seen as a place where people are still people, who continue to work and do what they love. Hell is seen as a place where people spend their time alone in fantasy. Since they are not allowed to act out, this is what they end up doing. There's so much in here that you've got to read. Have you ever asked, "why hasn't anyone come back and told us about it." Well, this guy claims he's been there, and it makes lots of sense. Everyone who plans on dying some day will find lots of comfort in this book.

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