Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kundalini By Vibhakar R. Pandya

We all are desirous of ethereal peace, the peace that abounds in  Heavens. We also wish to enjoy life to the fullest measure. We wish to  appease our senses in uncontrollable manner, being deeply  submerged in sensuous pleasures. Yet we desire MOKSHA,  deliverance, liberation from the cycle of birth and death. Our desires  run wild. Without moving a limb we want all the goodies of Earth and  Heavens on our side.

Common man dreams thus. He forgets his duties and shuns  right to work. Yet he places all the blame of unfulfilled desires on  society and Creator. Even in adverse circumstances his dreams run  amok to fulfilment of his sense pleasures. The slave to sensual  pleasures does not care to see where this path leads to. If and when  he realises it, he is too deeply mired to change his course.

There are many paths to reach a particular destination. Also,  there are many approaches to reach a defined goal, so are there  numerous paths to reach God. Kundalini awakening is a simple  method to attain bliss. This is a half way station, which can be easily  developed to reach the ultimate. Under the guidance of a Capable  Guru, this is possibly the fatest means to progress in the desired  direction.

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