Friday, October 1, 2010


THESE communications from the Other Side were received by A.  B. and C. D.; A. B. putting the questions, and C. D., as  amanuensis, receiving the answers from the Communicating  Spirit, through the method of automatic or, more correctly  speaking, inspirational writing. A. B., the friend with whom the  Communicating Spirit held these conversations, and whom he had  known well on earth, took no part in the actual writing, but merely  asked the questions, concentrating meanwhile upon the subject in  hand and awaiting the reply, but throughout having no premonition  of what form it would take. This was almost always unexpected by  both sitters. The questions asked were mostly those to which the  scribe had given little time or thought, her mind having up to the  time of those sittings been absorbed with other interests. A  significant point, also, is that she had no acquaintance with the  Communicating Spirit in this life. She knew his name only, but  had never heard him speak, nor read any of his writings.

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