Friday, October 1, 2010


A Sequel or Second Volume of  "SPIRIT WORLD AND SPIRIT LIFE"

In a former volume, "SPIRIT WORLD AND SPIRIT LIFE," the  conditions and activities which prevail in the future life are quite  clearly portrayed by selections from our records received through  automatic writing. In giving to the world a second volume based  on these records,—which have been received mostly through Miss  Dresser's pencil,—we have in Part II emphasized a phase of that  life that most books of this nature have mentioned but little.

It  seems so vital to our friends on the other side, and they have made  it seem so vital to us, that we feel it a duty to present it fully. Some  may question our judgment in giving space for so many of the  accounts; but we want to try to make the world understand that it  is a very real condition. Time and time again it is impressed upon  us that most people here are, through ignorance, and sometimes  through willful ignorance, placing obstacles in the path of their  progress which will cause them much trouble and delay when  entering upon their spirit life. It is with the hope that these  accounts will remove a little of that ignorance, and aid in  understanding the life on the other side of the veil, that they are  given to the public. They are not fiction by any means, as the  reader will soon ascertain if he uses his brain to try to comprehend  what they really mean.

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