Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Llewellyn Practical Guide to ASTRAL PROJECTION :The Out-of-Body Experience By Denning & Phillips

This book is a complete and straightforward guide to Astral  Projection, that age-old technique of out-of-body experience  that is a natural faculty of the human psyche.

Written in a flowing and easily-readable style, this book  carries the student gently, yet thoroughly, through the essential  stages of inner growth and development of psychic  potential necessary to the achievement of Astral Projection in  full consciousness.

Not only are the requisite practices set forth in a detailed  and lucid manner, but the vital reasons for undertaking them  are made plain. Furthermore, the authors demonstrate the  great benefit to be derived from the various practices themselves.

From the first simple steps such as breathing exercises,  through to the splendor of conscious adventure in the astral  worlds, this book is replete with valuable information and  sensitive guidance.

For all who have wished for a sane, in-depth and honest  approach to out-of-body experience, this book will be a vital  addition to its subject.

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