Saturday, October 16, 2010


The records of human  opinion would contain few chapters more instructive  than one which should deal competently with  the Black Art. For gross and painful as the details  of superstition may be, yet superstition, by  its very etymology, implies a dogma or a system of  practice standing upon some basis of fact or truth  and however vain or noxious the superstructure  may be, the foundation of it is in some way connected  with those deep verities upon which rest  also the roots of philosophy and religion.

Magic and Witchcraft  are little more than the religious instincts of mankind,  first inverted, then polluted, and finally, like  all corrupted matter, impregnated with the germs  of a corrupt vitality.  So universal is the belief in spiritual influences,  and more especially in their malignant influences,  that no race of men, no period of time, no region  of the globe, have been exempt fi'om it. 


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