Thursday, October 21, 2010

Marijuana Grower's Guide By Mel Frank

The Marijuana Grower's Guide has got to be the best book ever published about how to grow your own, it starts with a history of the plant (where it was first grown)and then tells you how to go about growing your own inside and out...This book even tells you how not to get caught, and after all this fact every grower should know about...From planting the seeds to the final harvest, Mel Frank and Ed Rosenthal have published a book that would have been a best seller (it is now with grower's)in every book shop around the world, if it was not for the stigma that this poor plant has recieved over the years...If your into growing, or thinking about how to get started then this book is for you...As Mel and Ed say in Marijuana Grower's Guide..."why spend hundreds of dollars on buying dope when you can grow your own"

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