Thursday, October 7, 2010

THE PATH OF THE MASTERS : The Science of Surat Shabd Yoga


"This book presents a comprehensive discussion of Sant Mat, also known as the Path of the Masters. After living in India for nearly seven years in the 1930s at the home of his Master in India, the author gives an outline of Surat Shabd Yoga, the yoga of the sound current, which is the scientific system through which the Masters attain the highest degree of spiritual development.

Considered a classic of twentieth century spiritual literature, the book covers many fundamentals of the spiritual path, including: the purpose of human life, the Masters and their duties, the audible life stream, the outer and inner universes, karma and reincarnation, death, and the inner journey back to God.

The author also gives a thorough analysis of the workings of the mind, and a review of world religions. He explains that at the heart of the book is `a scientific method of entering and realizing the kingdom of heaven while still living in the human body.' "

The first half of the book has an intriguing assessment of the world religions; Julian Johnson was quite a seeker and this book is the collimation of all that he had found. The second half of the book contains a great summary of various spiritual philosophies and some details on the mystic path. After having read plenty of other Sant Mat books (because of this book), I think this particular Sant Mat book lacks some of the beautiful devotional and loving aspects that the Saints tend to emphasize (or at least in this book it was overshadowed by the scientific approach). But as a source for spiritual and mystic information, it's a true treasure-trove (-the reason for my 5 stars)

As for dogma (an authoritative assertion of truth to be believed without support or proof): Julian Johnson presents the information as a science, or a hypothesis, that must be experienced; he says throughout the book that one simply cannot come to know the Truth by reading books. So yes, he does not provide quantitative data for the existence of the mystic aspects of the path, but I thought it seemed clear that he had experienced at least some, if not all, of the mystic aspects for himself, in addition to recording what he had learned from his Master. If one goes on to read other Surat Shabd Yoga writings, like some of the writings of the Sikh gurus or other Sant Mat books written by the Masters, I think one would gain an appreciation for, or at least additional insight into, what might be the Truth... to know for sure requires one to stop seeking and to switch one's effort towards experiencing.

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