Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Practical Intuition : 2-day Training Manual

The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines intuition as:  
Intu’ition n: immediate apprehension by the mind without reasoning;  immediate apprehension by a sense; immediate insight 

My definition is:  ‘in’ as in inside and ‘tuition’ as in teaching and learning.  

Consequently what it means to me is the ability to communicate and  understand exactly what we feel and how we process information from  within ourselves.

All intuitive work stems from this ability to know the self. If we know how  and why we do things and how we communicate them it makes it much  easier for us to understand others and how they process, as well as being  able to distinguish when an emotion we feel belongs to us or somebody  else.  

This training and the manual that accompanies it are a foundation course  in learning the basic intuitive processes and how they affect you, based on  my own personal understanding and practice of intuition.  

There are no rules and regulations regarding the work. I advise you to  work through the processes with an open mind, find what suits you and  use it. If something is not comfortable for you, then leave it alone. If you  want to do one of the exercises but find it works better for you in a  different format please feel free to change it...................By Author

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