Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rediscover Our Supreme Wisdom : A collection of spiritual teachings by Supreme Master Ching Hai

Master Ching Hai, the prominent spiritual Master from the Himalayas, in an effort to bring the  heavenly message of Truth to the people around the globe who have been longing for  liberation from the cycle of transmigration while experiencing heaven on earth, undertook the  arduous task of a worldwide tour to 16 countries from the Far East to Oceania, from South to  North America, from Europe to Asia in a period of three and one-half months.

The entire contents of this book 1993 World Lecture Tour – Rediscover Our Supreme  Wisdom are the original words of Supreme Master Ching Hai, recorded verbatim. Since one  volume can only contain a certain number of pages, we had to select various topics from the  many in Master’s 30 lectures. (It was extremely difficult to choose, for every word of Master is  important and precious.)

A little message: 

In speaking of God, or the supreme spirit, Master instructs us to use original non-sexist terms  to avoid the argument about whether God is a She or a He.

 She + He = Hes (as in Bless).  
Her + Him = Hirm (as in Firm).  
Hers + His = Hiers (as in Dear). 

Example: When God wants, Hes makes things happen according to Hiers will to suit Hirmself.

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