Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sound Traveler Seminar by Marcey Hamm

This program is all about You and Your Awareness. How you can become more aware of who you are as Soul and connect with that part of you Consciously. Quantum Physics is all around us, but it is up to us to become aware of that energy and how to use it for our better good. I teach you in great detail about all the compositions and how they work. I give you detailed techniques that will help you in conjunction with the music to speed up your awakening process. These are all the things that I do in my life. What I teach you, is what I have found to be the quickest way to get from one state of consciousness to a higher state of consciousness and keep growing. There is no end to how far you want to grow Consciously. To me, this is the "Game of Life".

Audio CD in FLAC + PDF | 1.8 GB

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Part 1       |     Part  2    |     Part  3    |    Part  4    |     Part  5

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