Friday, October 1, 2010

The Spiritual Laws and Lessons are the truth of the Physical Laws of Earth how to recognize the anti-christ actions within. The book contains the 18 logical laws of Balance written in great detail so that there would be no understanding of how and why we have broken every law and why we are suffering the consequences and experiences within this manifested physical "illusion" You will find how to correct these errors with a "road map" back to spiritual wisdom and about your personal responsibility all consequences and experiences.

From the Back Cover
For eons of time in your human history, mankind has experienced and existed in blindness about his divine spiritual heritage, that is, his oneness with god and the creation. Since the time of the "Fall" from "grace" of God, many ones have continued to struggle with what is "their" purpose, and why it is so difficult to find and know THE TRUTH. Many ones, in their ignorance and confusion, have asked themselves why GOD allows the seemingly unending ruthless and merciless inhumanity of man to continue; why HE allows suffering of children and wars and disease and pestilence and corruption. Often ones simply decide there is no God, which only keeps ones ever "separate" from KNOWING HIS PRESENCE WITHIN.

The Spiritual Laws and Lessons is God's deliverance of truth to YOU, his blinded fledgling creatures. HE is offering YOU the instructions for reaching the "lighted" path back home to HIM, AND THUS TO ONENESS. You will learn HOW to recognize the Anti-Christ, (that which is AGAINST GOD and therefore AGAINST LIFE) within YOU and why through your gift of free-will YOU allowed the Anti-Christ within your temple of God. You will learn about what are the "Deadliest" Sins (errors) committed by you and also about the nature of YOUR Personal Responsibility for ALL consequences and experiences within this manifested physical "illusion."

And in addition, God is NOW, within these pages bringing forth the EIGHTEEN Logical Cosmic Laws of Balance of God and The Creation, written in explicit detail with MANY examples given for YOUR careful consideration and recognition of truth. Why? To let there be NO misunderstanding of HOW and WHY you, of humanity have lost your inner as well as planetary BALANCE. You ones have broken EVERY law set forth herein and have, therefore, suffered the consequences of your errors against GOD and against LIFE. You each now have before you YOUR "road map" back home to spiritual wisdom, knowledge and truth which is of GOD. Will YOU see? Will YOU hear? Each ONE of you, being fragments of GOD and of THE CREATION must and will make this choice: To wisely learn your lessons in truth, abide by the laws and thus EARN your Spiritual UNITY and Freedom within God's Kingdom OR to continue in the darkness of deception, ignorance and spiritual poverty which will keep you bound in the Anti-Christ's "illusion" of separation. THIS cycle is about to END. The new cycle will BEGIN anew in the GLORY and Celebration of cleansing within and without of ALL fragments of ANTI-LIFE. WILL YOU JOIN OUR FATHER/MOTHER CREATOR OF GOD in His Divine Holy Kingdom of LIFE? God awaits your decision. So be it.

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