Friday, October 8, 2010

The Tantrik Way - 2 June 2010

The real meaning of the word Tantra is  Shastra, as for example, Kapila Tantra. But  the word Tantra is generally used in a limited  sense. Under the sway of kings who took up  Buddhism and preached broadcast the doctrine  of Ahimsa, the performances of the Vedic  Yaga-yajnas became a thing of the past, and  no one could kill any animal in sacrifice for  fear of the king. But subsequently amongst the  Buddhists themselves—who were converts from  Hinduism—the best parts of these Yaga-yajnas  were taken up, and practised in secret. From  these sprang up the Tantras. Barring some of the abominable things in the Tantras, such as  the Vamachara etc., the Tantras are not so bad  as people are inclined to think. There are many  high and sublime Vedantic thoughts in them. In  fact, the Brahmana portions of the Vedas were  modified a little and incorporated into the body  of the Tantras. All the forms of our worship and  the ceremonials of the present day, comprising  the Karma Kanda, are observed in accordance  with the Tantras.

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