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THE VAMPIRE GATE :The Vampyre Magickian by MICHAEL W. FORD

How this book should be used

Vampirism has for long been a fascination and desire sought by  many. No doubt you have considered what it would be like to fly  in the night, drain another of energy and live like a God or  Goddess. If applied, this grimoire may help you. I strongly  advise that you be of sound mind and to have begun a basic  study or practice as defined in BOOK OF THE WITCH MOON,  LUCIFERIAN WITCHCRAFT and LIBER HVHI – Magick of the  Adversary as these books will prepare you.

The Vampyre Magickian is indeed one who has stepped beyond  the foundations of the Luciferian Path. The model of this path is  based in more advanced Magick and Sorcery techniques, which  may be dangerous as well. I caution the use of this tome and  suggest you not misuse it – it can cause many issues if  responsibility is not practiced.

The Vampyre Magickian takes the individual and transforms – it  awakens you and will require that you shed the beliefs of your  past. You will become something better. This will definitely offer  a short cut in your initiatory focus – in an age of a “want it now”  but the price is diving into the abyss – and having the will to  emerge as a devouring god or goddess.

You may wish to use some of these techniques, or all of them  as a practitioner on the Luciferian Witchcraft Circle – this is  entirely up to you. Be sure as you will grow from it and become  something better – if not more balanced from the process itself.

Notice the spelling of “Vampyre”, denoting the old spelling – a  necromantic call to the origins and foundation – a predator if you  will. The Vampyre Magickian does not drink physical blood,  rather he or she is focused on Chi or Prana, astral energy.

Enjoy, may the night embrace you under Lilith’s caress….


THE VAMPIRE GATE – The Vampyre Magickian is  controversial in design and nature, it is not specifically  a part of every Luciferian thought-pattern or practice.  This grimoire is meant for those who seek a more  permanent paradigm in the design of the possibility of  spiritual immortality. The Dark Magicks presented here  are actual and empowering, yet may find issue with  those depending on their own practice and focus. I  wanted to present a methodology of Vampyric Practice  to those daring enough to become through it. The main  canon of Luciferian Witchcraft is indeed LUCIFERIAN  WITCHCRAFT, BOOK OF THE WITCH MOON and  LIBER HVHI – all three make specific reference to the  type of magickal practice here – some may find the  ciphers which lead one to the threshold of the Crooked  Serpent.


This book is a grimoire. It  gives practical instructions on the possibility of  sorcerous practice from a Luciferian perspective. It is  not evil or simply destructive. The most powerful  message that can be received in this work is that of  creation. The Vampyre Magickian should create as  opposed to destroying. The author and publisher  accept no responsibility for use/misuse of this book.


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