Monday, October 4, 2010


The point of view from which this book has been
written is that the Kathopanishad is a practical treatise
written to help us achieve a very real end. It is not
in the least a compendium of Brahmanical speculations,
something to be studied from a purely intellectual viewpoint.
On the contrary, it is an exposition of the
ancient Road that leads from death to immortaKty, a
Road which is as open to-day as it was when our text
was written. Being a real Road the knowledge of it
is not confined to any one country or to any one religious
tradition. One of. the aims in writing this cornmentary
has been to bring out this fact, namely, that
it is a Road known to a few all over the vorld and that,
though their descriptions have naturally varied in detail,
they all refer to what is recognisably the same experience.

Previous expositions have been either from the point
of view of purely Indian tradition, in terms ofwhich alone
the meanings have been set forth, or else they have been
made from the artificial and external standpoint of
Western scholarship which represents the teachings
as being, at best, interesting religio-philosophic speculations,

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