Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dare to Make Magic ( Golden Dawn Tradition Qabalah) By David Edwards

Dare to Make Magic was originally made available as an Order of the Cubic Stone publication. The publication of David Edwards' Dare to Make Magic provides a pathway for serious students of the occult arts. This Glastonbury Books edition includes an expansion of the original book with additions consisting of an extract from personal magical diaries , examples of short ceremonies and meditational rituals. The latter are generally in line with the magical paradigm know to initiates as the Annals of Time and Space. David Edwards was a founder member and Warden of the Order of the Cubic Stone (1960), an esoteric study group pursuing the evolved tradition of the Golden Dawn tradition of Western Hermetics & Qabalah. The teachings contained within Dare to Make Magic are illustrative of the highly qualitative and practical approach which characterised the OCS as the teaching group 'par excellance' of the Western Estoeric tradition during the late 20th Century.

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