Monday, November 15, 2010

Harmonic Healing by Patrick Bernard

Quantum Music, or healing by the vibration of loving sound, can bring new balance and profound comfort to the body-spirit.

The energy of love and gratitude constitutes the universal foundation of Holistic Healing, in addition to being the quintessence of the life force.

By incorporating meditative listening of the higher frequencies and the power of intention, Quantum Music can raise the listener’s vibrations and promote a state of union with the conscious, intelligent energy underlying all matter.

This energy (called ch'i or prana) is increased and transported by the sound waves in order to help promote the complete harmonization of the listener.

Quantum Music functions according to the principle of the resonance of morphogenetic fields, according to which the energy blockages in the body vibrating at lower and irregular frequencies have the capacity to harmonize naturally with all higher vibrations.

Simultaneously, Quantum Music offers us the gift of profound relaxation. Knots in the body become unravelled and toxic emotions such as grief, sadness, anxiety, anger, resentment, etc., are liberated.

The aim of this recording is to unite the listener with the inner power of self-healing, spiritual power that will recharge the person and restore the capacity for self-healing.

All that need be done is to allow the flow of breathing to run together naturally with the vibratory waves. For maximum effect, I recommend meditative listening using headphones, which are capable of reproducing most of the frequencies.

The therapeutic effects will also be felt during energy treatments or accompanying any conventional or alternative therapy.

In general, I use these sounds to transform thoughts and feelings that are disturbing us and have a tendency to create crystallizations of energy in the body. Simply feeling the sounds penetrating within is sufficient to chase away any gloomy feelings or other negative emotions. Since we are all unique, certain listeners will experience a feeling of profound peace while for others, the sounds will engender feelings of bliss, clarity, detachment from worldly concerns, the ultimate pardon and help them to simply let go.

--Patrick Bernard.

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