Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In Residence The Dons Guide By Aleister Crowley

A collection of Crowley's early poetry, published in the same years as Crowley received The Book of the Law. The poems are mostly reprinted from magazines like 'Granta,' 'Cambridge Magazine,' 'Cantab,' etc. though some were previously unpublished. Includes twenty pages of extremely interesting, humorous, and informative advertisements for works by Crowley at the rear, as well as the detachable entry form for a competition which Crowley held for the best essay to be written on his own works. This was of course the competition won by J. F. C. Fuller whose essay was said to have been the only entry, although contrary to popular beleif he did in fact receive the promised hundred pound prize. Some light discoloration to the wrappers as always and creasing to the spine, detachable entry form detached but present.

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