Monday, November 29, 2010

Malleus Maleficarum

In the wake bloody of Inquisition in 1486 was drawn up "the MALLEUS maleficarum" or better the hammer of the witches from Dominican friars Jacob Sprenger and Heinrich institor Kramer in order to combat the spread of the phenomena heretics and of witchcraft black. On approval of the Pope Innocent VIII became the manual n.1 as a guide for witch hunt. The book became so famous that it was never banned by the Church and became the second book, after the Bible, to be read by Christian world. Not only became popular but were printed copies and different versions and one of them also pocket. For what concerns the content we can say that it is not entirely original as the two friars "scopiazzarono" many by the texts most ancient that dealt the same topic. In the first part of the text is highlighted the weak women and its state to be more subject to the temptations of Satan. Also in the book we can find confessions made by witches on spells and the powers that they were able to use. Between the confessions are emphasised the magic to launch curses, flying to Sabbath, destroy the fields etc... An important note is that of processes which can be explained precisely that it was enough to be under be suspected from near AND THAT TO DEFEND ITSELF BY THE COURT well from the accusation had not be too vigorous in it could be misunderstood. A good part of the book explains how the torture were made to the detriment of regards. Between them the most widespread was the iron fire that caused painful burns on the body of regards or that of shaving of the body to rediscover the famous mark left by the devil.

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