Saturday, November 20, 2010

Milton's Angels: The Early-Modern Imagination By Joad Raymond

It really is an unpredictable trip to the angels' atmosphere. We are invited on learning angles' history and their ancestral relations with humankind. At least, we must argue if these fabulous creatures are real, they aren't?

Milton's angels are real beings, and the stories he tells about them rely on his understanding of what they were and how they acted. While he was unique in the sublimity of his imaginative rendering of angels, he was not alone in writing about them. Several early-modern English poets wrote epics that explore the actions of and grounds of knowledge about angels. Angels were intimately linked to theories of representation, and theology could be a creative force. Natural philosophers and theologians too found it interesting or necessary to explore angel doctrine. Angels did not disappear in Reformation theology: though centuries of Catholic traditions were stripped away, Protestants used them in inventive ways, adapting tradition to new doctrines and to shifting perceptions of the world. Angels continued to inhabit all kinds of writing, and shape the experience and understanding of the world.

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