Friday, November 5, 2010

Natural Breathing

With each breath, you take in approximately one million of the same atoms once breathed by Jesus, the Buddha, and everyone else who ever lived. This is why, teaches Dennis Lewis, breathing is much more than a personal activity. On Natural Breathing, Lewis shows you how to find "the world in your body" - through a new awareness that begins with your next breath.

This extraordinary journey of discovery begins with your own diaphragm (the "spiritual muscle") and guides you through transformative "self-sensing" exercises that bring you face to face with the miraculous energies of life itself. Dennis Lewis began his search for the breath of life when doctors couldn't cure his chronic stress and pain. In his struggle to heal himself, Lewis acquired a deep, first-hand knowledge of breathing, its mechanics, and its impact on our lives. Natural Breathing distills the essence of this lifework, leading you step by step through your own authentic breath. Richly interlaced with meditations and exercises, this one-of-a-kind presentation will leave you breathing - and living - more fully than you ever thought possible. Previously released as Breathing as a Metaphor for Living.

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