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This is the most authoritave, reliable, and safe technique available today, not to mention the economical feasibility. Wether your a scholar studying the pharmacological and cross-culture use of hallucinogens, or a 18 year old, this book explains the process of growing mycelium with potent psilocybin in easy to follow steps with descriptive pictures. The toxicity of psilocybin, the main alkaloid in the psychedelic mushroom also known as Stropharia Cubensis (this books goes by that strain) is 200, that is L.D. 200 in other words, 200 times the effective dose approaches toxicity, So in other words, in pharmacological terms, these substances are harmless, since you cant even ingest that much.

This book does state that in fairly technical terms, in a section separate from the main. Mushroom use in ancient civilizations has been in use for thousands of years, the knowledge, unparalleled in the sense of human understanding upon subjects which otherwise with go without. What psychedelics ultimately do is they dissolve boundaries, and in the presence of dissolved boundaries, one cannot continue to close ones eyes to the ruination of the earth, positing of the seas, and 2000 years of unchallenged dominator culture, based on monotheism, hatred of nature, suppression of the female, so forth and so on. You have a godlike understanding to learn and assimilate new information, the kind of experience you have when looking over a landscape from the air, when previously only viewed from the ground.

This book while eloquently outlining this in the introduction primarily focuses on growing the mycelium, in which it does flawlessly. In the process of growing mycelium, you have to have very sterile conditions, and this book stresses contamination, while other books don't emphasize that, which I find a problem. While this book gives you a list of tools, which are easily bought in any town or on the internet for a reasonable low price (Excluding the pressure cooker) it also gives you a sense of understanding for the process as a whole, which gives this process specifically a tint of art, because it is, in and of itself an art. It would be recommended to have at least a college level of English, and college level chemistry wouldn't hurt as well. These substances can show you what has never been seen before, and never will be seen by any human ever again.

Our culture is in a ridiculous position in relation with these substances, and in reading this book one becomes more familiar to the properties and uses, preparation and dosage alike, so one doesn't have a culturally sanctioned basises toward something which he/she had no prior knowledge. 

This book, written by Terence & Dennis McKenna, however written under the name Oss and Oeric, are the foremost spokesperson's for the psychedelic experience, among other things, and are literary geniuses (in the purest definition) whose knowledge is unparalleled as well. If your interested more on the fascinating subject of psychedelics, Refer to Terence McKenna's Food of the Gods, Invisible Landscape, Archaic Revival; Rupert Sheldrake, Ralph Abraham, Ralph Metzner, Gordon Wasson, Albert Hoffman, Peter Furst, Aldoux Huxley, William Blake, Roger Heim, A Hoffer, H Osmund, Mircea Eliade, Richard E. Shultes, Dennis Mckenna, Snyder Solomon, Michael Harner, Marlene Dobkin, David Aberle, im sure there are many many others however those are some of my favorites.

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  1. This is most certainly NOT the most AUTHORITATIVE book on the subject, but it is a good one. The teks are old and there are better methods today, but this is where it all started.