Sunday, November 7, 2010

POPUL VUH – The Book of the People

Grade 5-8-Wrathful and kindhearted gods, giants, mortals, jaguars, and colorful birds are some of the characters and creatures that inhabit this creation story and genealogy recorded in the K'iche' (or Quich?) language in 1558 and discovered in 1701 by a Spanish priest. Children will enjoy this accessible retelling of a story that has largely been unavailable in English. Vivid characterizations, tales of revenge and forbidden fruit, tests of wit and strength, and explanations of why deer have short tails and monkeys live in trees are all here. Full- and double-page paintings rich in color and detail illustrate the volume. A beautifully designed book to be savored on its own or as a source for cultural or comparative studies.

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