Tuesday, November 23, 2010


In these days when the phrase 'extra-sensory perception' has  become almost a by-word, our problem is not so much to discuss  it, which is now relatively fruitless, but to develop it. It is really  less a matter of development than of rendering explicit what is  actually implicit. Just as everyone is moved by the spark of life  without in most cases being aware of the direct mechanisms  involved, so every man and woman possesses some latent capacity  for extra-sensory perception. Some more, some less.

The major contribution of this book is not so much slanted in  the direction of prediction of what is yet to come, but to facilitate  the growth and expression of this inner psycho-spiritual ability. To  this extent, any and all systems of divination may be considered  useful. Amongst the more commonly used methods are the Tarot  cards, astrology, palmistry, graphology, and many others. The  method to be described here, geomancy, is favoured above all  others because it is basically so simple to operate. One can use it  quickly to obtain a simple 'yes' or 'no' answer. With sufficient  practice, enough skill can be developed to provide considerable  amplification of the first straight answer.



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