Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spirit of the Air By Jeffrey Thompson


This CD includes frequency for brainwave entrainment, 3-D sound and nature sound that directly work on your subconscious, and each music increases your desired mind state. The purpose of the first track is "Releasing stress", the second track is "Lifting depression" and the third track is "Calm & Happy mind". When you finish listening, you will feel your body light and your mind clear.

Dr. Thompson, a great musician/composer, is recognized as a worldwide expert in the field of "brainwave entrainment music". He incorporated special frequency in the music track, and this is a new music that makes your mind and body optimum state for healing.  He has produced over 60 CDs. They have been praised by major distributors of American new age music, and are sold in 26 countries throughout the world. Not only the general public but physicians, psychologist, chiropractors are using them.

Envelope yourself in the inner majesty of these beautifully rendered L\S encoded CDs. Designed by legendary masters of European Audio Fractal Science, these masterpieces of liquid harmonics can be appreciated for their sonic structures alone.

However, the magic of AudioStrobe is optimized to be utilized in conjunction with a Light and Sound machine that supports the AudioStrobe format. Such machines include the Mind Explorer Audiostrobe Decoder, the Innerpulse, the Orion, the Photosonix Nova Pro 100 and the Proteus.

AudioStrobe encoded compact discs include a special signal which directly controls the lights on AVS systems, allowing precise synchronization between audio and visual stimulation.

 Audiostrobe CD |  450 MB


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Part  1             |               Part   2

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