Monday, November 22, 2010

Terrestrial Astrology DIVINATION BY GEOMANCY by Stephen Skinner

The word 'geomancy' covers two completely distinct areas.  The original use of the word, dioinatory geomancy, was a  technique which used sixteen figures composed of dots to  foretell the future.

Telluric geomancy is a comparatively recent use of the  word to designate both the beliefs of feng-sbui (concerning  the interrelation of man, his buildings and tombs with the  life force, or cb'i, which flows through his environment)  and its recently evolved western counterpart concerned  with the study of megalithic alignments and ley lines.

This work is concerned solely with dioinatory geomancy.  However, a second volume on [eng-sbui and telluric  geomancy is currently in preparation.

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