Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Art of Astrology : How to Make and Read Horoscopes

Chances are you have, at one time or another, picked up a daily newspaper and glanced at your horoscope. Maybe what you read fit your day to a tee and you thought "WOW, this horoscope stuff is for real", or maybe it was partially right and you thought "it's so general that it could fit anyone" or maybe it was dead wrong and you scoffed, thinking "what a load of you know what".

Well, guess what, no matter which of the above categories you fall in to, you are right! For a horoscope to be accurate, an astrologer must have your exact date of birth...Anything else is just a guess!
With The Art Of Astrology--How To Make and Read Horoscopes, you will obtain a deeper knowledge of the causes which are operative in life than any professional astrologer who is a stranger can give.

If you are serious about astrology, if you want to learn more about yourself and those around you, if you want to learn what life has in store for you, then this is the book for you.

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