Saturday, December 25, 2010

Blast Your Way to Megabucks By Ramsey Dukes

Why does there seem to be less magic in the modern world?

Could it be because we are all better magicians? Is it time to reinstate the charlatan in his vital role as initiator on the occult path? Is scientific thought declining in favour of magical thought?

And is this inevitable? Have men traditionally played a leading roles because of a deep sense of their own uselessness relative to women?

And is this situation beginning to reverse? Might we not be living with another’s virtual reality?

How would this effect our understanding of this universe? Have I failed to blast my way to megabuck$ because you are standing reading this blurb rather than buying my book? These and other questions are explored in depth in this volume that brings together essays written in the 1980s by one of the most original and creative contemporary writers on magic. Open your mind to a breath of fresh air from Ramsey Dukes

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