Friday, December 17, 2010

The Book of Automatic Drawing By Austin Osman Spare

The Book of Automatic Drawing is the a compilation of works relating to Austin Spare and Automatic Drawing. It consists of four sections: Automatic Drawing: A Discussion by Hannen Swaffer (extracts from Adventures with Inspiration and London Mystery Magazine); Automatic Drawing by Austin Spare and Frederick Carter (an article from Form magazine); Automatic Drawing as a Means to Art by Austin Spare (section from The Book of Pleasure); A Book of Automatic Drawing by Austin Spare (a sketchbook of drawings).

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  3. Thanks Samkru, i look forward to taking a look
    at this one, Austin Osman Spare was truly one of the greatest occult artists. If you like the art of A.O.S. you might find the work of Rosaleen Norton of interest, certainly a similarity in what they were both doing.