Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Book of Floating By by Michael Hutchison

Much of the information here is based on the current work of and  interviews with experimental psychologists, neuroscientists, physicians,  and others engaged in research into the effects of float tanks. In many  cases this material is being made public for the first time. In the following  pages you will learn:

• About indications that floating stimulates the brain to secrete endorphins:  pain-killing, euphoria-creating substances known as the  "body's own opiates."  • That there is evidence that tank use not only can initiate substantial  weight loss but also has an unprecedented maintenance effect, with weight  loss continuing at the same degree for many months after floating.  • Of evidence that floating results in a spontaneous reduction in or  elimination of such habits as smoking, drinking, and drug use, and  counteracts addiction withdrawal symptoms.  • That laboratory studies show that floating can rapidly and significantly  decrease stress and anxiety, by sharply lowering the levels of  biochemicals directly related to stress, anxiety, tension, the "fight or  flight response," and heart disease and other stress-related illnesses.  • About indications that floating can suspend the dominance of the detail-  oriented left hemisphere of the brain, allowing the right hemisphere  (which deals with large-scale and novel information) to operate freely,  giving the floater access to unusual powers of creativity, imagination,  visualization, and problem solving. And Much More.

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  1. I love floatation tanks - they look so cool. This is a great book and I'd love to know where to float.