Friday, December 10, 2010

Clavicula Nox Issue #4: Lilith

The ecstasy found in Sex & Death; raw, primal and daemonic. This blood-red issue in Honour to Lilith is made for those whom dare to walk the path of Adversary and release ever hidden and repressed instinct and desire in order to illuminate our consciousness by awakening the Whore of Hell. The issue contains Formulas and sigils written by Temple of the Black Light for calling the many aspects of the Dark Goddess; She who is also the goddess of Necromancy and Death rites, weaving the threads of destiny like a spider. Also found within are articles which reveal knowledge of the gateways of the Qlipoth, or the Sitra Ahra: the Eternal Kingdom of Darkness, and a fictional story of revealing the face of The Beast; Samael and the Whore constituting the Sinister Trinity. Emblazoned in the demonic personification of primal instincts, the dark anima of the human psyche discovered through Magickal Arte; practise, understanding, and Sacred Rites of Hecate. This is the manifestation of dark Wisdom, Will and Liberty, beginning for the Age of Re-awakening. O Arise!


Bird of the Night Queen- Harbinger of Wisdom and Death by Johannes Nefastos
The Esoteric Formulae and Sigils of Lilith by Temple of the Black Light-218
The Temphioth Working by Stephen Sennitt
Gullveig and Lilith by Vexior
The Whore, The Qlipothic Womb and the Ruby Elixir by Asenath Mason
Understanding The Path by Mark Smith
Lilith - An Imperative Truth by Gabriel McCaughry
Quattuor Hymni ad Lilit by G.

Plus six poems and numerous high quality illustrations.

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