Friday, December 24, 2010

Event Horizon: Terror, Tantra And The Ultimate Metaphysics Of Awareness By Peter Wilberg

No explanation of HOW things came to be, whether through a God or Big Bang, diminishes in any way the mystery THAT anything exists at all - even that there 'is' a God or 'was' a Big Bang. Yet as soon as we allow ourselves to wonder at this ultimate mystery, we open ourselves also to an ultimate terror - the terror of conceiving, even for a moment, the possibility of nothing existing or ever having come to be at all. Once we approach the 'black hole' of this ultimate terror and mystery we have already slipped beyond the ultimate horizon of the space-time universe of physics. Recognising this, philosopher Peter Wilberg draws on dark tantric and occult symbolism, the science of 'black holes' and the terrors portrayed in the sci-fi horror movie surrounding them ('Event Horizon') to introduce an ultimate metaphysics beyond 'being' and 'non-being' - one that reveals instead a multidimensional universe of awareness and its hidden powers.

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