Friday, December 3, 2010

Lifeflow Meditation 2.0 By Michael MacKenzie Project Meditation

This is the complete Project Meditation collection with the free Discover Meditation Course, the LifeFlow meditation package and bonus tracks.

LifeFlow is a very powerful meditation system that incorporates not only binaural beats but also monauaral and isochronic tones for a very powerful multi layered effect.

The Ultimate, Unique and Versatile LifeFlow Audio Technology System

You can:

• Experience greater peace of mind, calm and ease of being (in ways that will consistently surprise you)
• Increase your learning ability, mental clarity, intelligence and intuition
• Gain access to more creativity and inspiration at will
• Increase your energy and vitality throughout the day (simply because you're far more alert than ever before)
• Solve problems easily and instantly (big and small)
• Regulate your natural healing hormones and improve your emotional, spiritual and physical well being
• Protect yourself from harmful EMF (electro magnetic fields) created by all the electrical appliances and modern technology within the home and workplace

LifeFlow Meditation 2.0

VIDEO  |    1140 MB 

Link :

Part  1          |         Part   2           |      Part  3

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