Sunday, December 12, 2010


This work aims at reconstructing the life of Saint Mahadevi, the pride and honor of India,  especially Karnataka. Her life-story is as amazing as that of Saint Meera and Saint Godai who also  aimed at the union of the Godhead with form. Mahadevi was in too high a state of spiritual trance  to be easily understood by ordinary men and women of the world. Her Vachanaas are the only  clue to her life and thoughts. Whatever was available at hand has been transliterated and  translated and also a brief life story is presented based on her own words. Many words used in her  Vachanaas are not used in modern vocabulary at all; so any innocent mistakes are regretted; but  there is an honest attempt to present the inner essence of each of her Vachanaas in the right  spirit. This work is an offering at the lotus feet of the Supreme Goddess who manifested as  Mahadevi to love her spouse in the mortal coil.

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