Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Original Lomasha Samhita - 1 Translated By Veneet Kumar

This article presents the Sanskrit text of Lomasha Samhita (LS) along with its English  translation. This work is also called Shashtisahasri which indicates that the entire samhita  contains about sixty thousand shlokas. This makes the entire text about two and a half times  the size of Ramayana and more than half the size of the largest epic - the Mahabharata! But  unfortunately the full text is not yet available with us. What we have here is only the first  utthana containing ten chapters and about six hundred shlokas.

The samhita is set as a conversation between sage Lomasha and his disciple Sujanma. Amongst  these ten chapters, the first five do not deal with astrology directly but rather present an  interesting background against which sage Lomasha begins to teach Sujanma. The actual  astrological content begins from chapter six.

The text mentions Lomasha to be the creator of the most ancient scripture of Jyotisha (2.11 to  2.16). In fact he is said to have received this knowledge from Brahma even before the  celebrated Parashara. Even sages like Narada, Bhrigu and Vasishtha are said to have acquired  this knowledge after Lomasha (2.12).

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