Friday, December 17, 2010

A Reformed Druid Antholog By Drynemeton Press

The reasons behind printing this Anthology are difficult  to convey  to the Reader. I would hope that I’m not doing this work out of  pride, one-up-manship, or to prove a point; but the mind can often  rationalize the secrets of the heart. Most readers will assume that this Anthology is being printed as a precise manual to preserve our rituals in their purest official forms; essentially to produce orthodox texts. Nope. Except for the occasional historian, like me (Michael Scharding), a Reformed Druid tends to see little value in the age of our religious texts. A religion that mandates only one interpretation of a text, or that even only one text be used, has already taken a wrong turn and has reduced the usefulness of its teachings to the value, of, oh.... dung. (No offense.) A piece of dung more than 40 years old is not much more valuable that a piece of dung from 20 years ago. They both smell about the same and make equally usefull fertilizer, but they are not as tasty as the original apple. This text may last two hundred years, but I doubt that there will be anyone around at that point who still goes by the label of “Reformed Druid.” It is possible that the spirit of Reformed Druidism may still continue on, unlabeled, in the hearts of people who have interacted with Reformed Druids. Long after the trappings have passed away, the message of Reformed Druidism will be alive in our lifestyles. Preserving our oldest texts in an uncorrupted form is certainly not the purpose of this Anthology........Author

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