Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Secrets of Life

In this work Gottfried Mayerhofer further expands or at least places some of the concepts mentioned in the work of Jakob Lorber into a condensed wording. This is not to say that it is a mere repetition. Mayerhofer through the "Inner Word" reveals many details that are sometimes glanced over in Lorber making his work a necessary compliment to the body of New Revelation writings.

Always, the spirit of the Divine is palpable in Mayerhofers words as It in the rest of the New Revelation writings. As the title implys, the various subject that are expanded upon in great detail deal with matters of life itself. One chapter deals with language, art and music and its spiritual relevance to life and the necessity of their expression as a way of spiritual advancment.

There is a chapter that explains why the various life organisms of plants and animals exist and why the necessity of their various forms are as they appear for the progression of life and spiritual development.

It is hard to condense all that this marvelous book contains because, like all the New Revelation writings, these words and their implications are infinite.

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