Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shri Guru Gita English

As such is not necessary to write preface to this Guru Gita. It is the heart  of Skanada Purana in form of a dialogue between Lord Shiva and goddess  Parvati. The direct experience of Suta is brilliantly expressed through each and  every couplet in it.

Reading and study of this Guru Gita stops power of speech of one’s foe. It  increases one’s virtues. It destroys all evil actions and bestows success in good  actions.

Every letter and syllable of this Guru Gita is each king among  Mantras. Other Mantras, manifold in nature do not deserve the credit of even  one sixteenth part of this.

The study of this Guru Gita puts end to untimely death and all afflictions.  It also destroys the evil effects of Yakshas, Rakshasas, Bhutas (spirits), fear of  thieves, tiger, etc.

Who are pure in heart, full of knowledge incessantly recite this Guru Gitaby  even seeing them and touching, one liberated from rebirth.

The couplets of this Guru Gita is the great remedy for the longlasting  disease of birth and death. It is the sweetest nectar for Sadhakas. The merit is  diminished by drinking the nectar of heaven. By drinking the nectar of this Gita  sin is destroyed which leads to Absolute Peace and Knowledge of one’s real  nature.

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